New electricity tariffs for remote areas

New electricity tariffs will come into affect for communities supplied with electricity under the Remote Areas Energy Supplies (RAES) Scheme from 7 March 2011.


Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure (DTEI) Energy Division Executive Director, Vince Duffy said the new tariffs follow increased on-grid prices and increased costs of supplying electricity to customers in remote areas of the state.


“The RAES scheme subsidises the delivery of safe and reliable electricity supplies to over 2,600 customers across 13 communities in remote areas of the state.”


Mr Duffy said key aspects of the revised tariffs include:


·       Consistent with long standing RAES policy, small and medium domestic customers (up to 8,000 kWh per annum) continue to pay no more than 10 percent above the on-grid regulated standing contract tariffs.  In fact small to medium domestic customers will be charged about 4% higher than equivalent on-grid customers

·       As RAES tariffs have not kept pace with recent increases in on-grid prices, small to medium RAES domestic customers are currently paying less than equivalent on-grid customers.  An average domestic customer consuming about 5,000 kWh per annum will therefore see an increase of about 18% in their bill

·       Larger domestic customers and General Supply customers will face higher increases as they move towards the full cost of supply

·       Tariffs for State and Commonwealth Government agencies are set at a rate reflecting the average full cost of supply

·       All new tariffs incorporate a $10 per quarter increase in the fixed or supply charge as it is currently less than the on-grid supply charge

·       Tariffs for street lighting have been normalised with respect to equivalent on-grid tariffs and will increase by an average of 19%.


“Businesses have been offered energy audits and subsidies for changes to their infrastructure to improve energy efficiency via the Federal Government funded Renewable Remote Power Generation program administered by DTEI,” said Mr Duffy.


“Holders of a Pensioner Concession Card, DVA Gold Card or a Centrelink Low Income Health Care Card may be eligible to receive a $150 concession on your energy costs. Phone the 1800 307 758 or go to to apply.”


“The change to tariffs aims to continue to meet the primary objective of the RAES scheme, with the cost of electricity for residents in the 13 remote townships subsidised to maintain tariffs for reasonable levels of consumption by small to medium domestic customers at no more than 10 percent above the on-grid standing contract tariffs.”


Details of the new tariff are available via  For further information about the new tariffs, or queries regarding the use of energy in your home or business, please call the DTEI Energy Advisory Line on 1800 671 907.